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NY Session added to Affiliate Summit East 2008

It is always nice when you can find something positive in a bad situation. One of the positive things is that we get to see how others step up and offer their help. One of the positives in this whole NY tax nightmare is the addition of a special session at the upcoming Affiliate Summit East 2008 .

As the list of merchants opting to terminate NY affiliates grew, I felt there was a need to address the NY tax situation on a much larger scale. Talking on forums, blogging and meeting as small groups is both productive and fine but I really feel we also need to deal with it on a larger scale. We need to attract attention to the issue and make sure everyone understands the impact of both the law and the reactions of merchants.

Most of us can only imagine the amount of work it takes to organize and run a large event like Affiliate Summit. Events of that magnitude are complicated, planned in advance and it is not easy to just add on. Although it was just two months away, on May 30 I asked at ABW about the possibility of adding a special NY tax issue session at the Affiliate Summit East 2008 that was to take place in Boston, Massachusetts August 10-12. Within hours Shawn Collins agreed. I was surprised that it could be added on such short notice. We are grateful that Shawn Collins and Missy Ward, founders of Affiliate Summit, are making it possible. This special session should be of interest to many. While it is currently a NY issue, other states are keeping a close eye and may soon follow. The NY tax issue also impacts more than just affiliates. The effects flow up the chain.

The special session is a panel discussion and will address the NY tax law, the impact that it has made and possible solutions. I am proud to be involved in the panel discussion and I look forward to a productive session.

Affiliate Summit is organized and hosted by Shawn Collins and Missy Ward. It is the leading affiliate conference and is a worthwhile event for affiliates, merchants, networks and anyone in the affiliate marketing business. I urge everyone to attend the Summit in Boston.

Affiliates and merchants from around the world attend the three day Summits that are held twice a year in the United States. They are also adding additional one day events. Last year a third conference, a one day event was held in London. This year another one day event is scheduled for October in New York.

The Summits are a great opportunity for everyone in the affiliate industry. Whether you are just starting out or have years of experience the Summit has something to offer. It is a mix of educational sessions, networking and social events. It is wonderful to see affiliates of all levels, merchants, networks and program managers come together sharing opinions, ideas and suggestions. It’ll also be one of the few places where everyone you talk to will actually understand what you do for a living.

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