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Solution in the Works

While working on the July NY Affiliate meeting there have been several exciting developments. Much has transpired this past week. Rather than lump them together in one long post I am going to use a few posts.

It is hard to know where to  begin but I’ll start with the suggestion of a possible solution. When some merchants chose to drop NY affiliates many of us were taken by surprise. Since we had not really thought about being terminated we were not prepared with possible solutions.

For some NY affiliates, some of the terminations were extremely damaging. As we began to assess the damages to our businesses and look for replacement merchants it took a while to distance the emotions. While Kevin,  of 72 Kilowatts Affiliate Marketing and I began planning the July 28 NY Affiliate meeting, others began to not only show us support they began to brainstorm solutions.

Haiko de Poel Jr. came up with a possible solution so be sure to read ABW solution to the NY tax issue that could make it possible for those merchants to allow NY affiliates back into their programs. There was  a lot of discussion with affiliates, OPM’s, AM’s and merchants all participating. As a result we have a couple of solutions and of course more questions to present to the  tax attorney during our meeting.

We are all working together to find a solution that will enable survival of our business while working within the law. It is nice to see that affiliates, merchants and networks are working together.  I am sure that just as we never anticipated being terminated by merchants, NY never anticipated it either. I remain confident that together we will be able to find a solution.

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