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The Story of NYAffiliateVoice

NYAffiliateVoice has been started in response to recent events in the affiliate marketing industry. What has become obvious over recent days is that our industry was not prepared. NY affiliate marketers now need to work together. Although we are competitors and for the most part independent by nature, there are times when we need to have a united voice. We need to share ideas and knowledge.

Over the next few days, a couple of us are planning to meet. The purpose of this meeting is to finalize plans for the first NY affiliate meeting. At the NY affiliate meeting, to be held in early July, we hope to clear up the confusion regarding the internet tax so that we can adapt and survive. We also hope to determine how we can best be prepared for other changes.

Over the next several days we will be working behind the scenes to formalize more goals and I will share them here.

We need to work together to find soultions so that we, as small business owners, can survive.

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