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Using The NY Issue

I have spent the about a week trying to decide how I feel about the latest attempt to organize an affiliate industry group that will consist of affiliates, networks, merchants, and OPMs. This group, called the Performance Marketing Alliance is still forming, they are working on organizing and selecting a formation advisory board. These will be different groups that will address the organization of the PMA and determine issues that will be addressed. They are taking nominations and sometime in July ( I believe) the workgroups will be determined.

I am not sure of all the nominees of the work group but the initial organizers are known and listed on their site. One of the major problems I have with how the group is going about forming concerns the NY tax issue. I am sure that is no big surprise to you.

What bothers me is that they are all mentioning how they could have helped. They use the NY tax issue to promote their cause yet none of them are speaking out on the issue. I understand that the group is not yet formed but the individuals do not even speak out. I have no idea of the individuals stances on the NY tax issue. How do they, as individuals, feel about the way we all handled it?

It is too late for them to work on repealing the law through any lobbying effort but it is not too late to deal with the issue of how to adjust to the law. They can, as individuals, speak out on how the issue has been handled and mishandled. They can, as individuals, show their support of NY affiliates; not just say they would have shown support.

Maybe I am just in a bad mood because some of the new merchants I was forced to find are not converting, but I resent the use of this issue to promote their cause.

Using the NY tax issue is just convenient.

I believe that there needs to be some kind of affiliate group where we all have a voice. I don’t want all affiliates to be represented by just one voice or even just two voices. But that’s a whole other post.

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