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Time for Affiliate Voices to be Heard

When I created this website I simply wanted to share my perspective on various issues as an affiliate from New York. With the exception of the impact from the NY tax law and the resulting decision of merchants to terminate NY affiliates, my experiences are probably similar to an affiliate from any where else. In spite of that similarity, the opinions and musings I offer here are simply mine. I do not profess to speak for all affiliates.

Although sparked by the recent events in NY, there are other reasons behind the existence of this site. I believe that more affiliates need to have their voices heard. Affiliates need to stand up and speak out. We need to voice our opinions.  I don’t believe that there can be just one voice; we all need to be heard. We need to help define the direction the industry is going. Affiliates cannot leave it up to just a few.

We need to stand up for fair and ethical treatment and practices. We need to not only help define the direction the industry takes, we need to improve our standing within the industry. The only way we can accomplish that is by making our voices heard.

Today I participated in a conference call organized by Haiko de Poel Jr., of ABW. There were about 30 participants on the call. We discussed several issues in the affiliate industry; NY affiliate tax, the PMA and the CJ class action settlement. One of the other topics discussed was that affiliates need to have a voice. There is a new forum called Affiliate Voice and I urge everyone to go ahead and let their voices be heard.

We need to be in control of our business so be sure to stand up and be heard.  Our future depends on it.

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