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Four Week Review

sIt has been about four weeks since I was forced to replace several merchants and looking over the results is rather disappointing. Not having had the chance to research the merchants ahead of time before swapping links, I find the performance of some leave a lot to be desired. Since part of the problem might be how I incorporated the new merchants into my sites I will give them another shot.

For me, evaluating merchants is a combination of many factors. Everyone goes about it in different ways but the bottom line for everyone is “Am I making money” and/or “Am I providing value for my visitors which gives value to my site”.  After assessing page traffic and how my page performs, I look at the click thru rate to merchant and then of course conversion once my visitor gets to merchant site. If I am giving my visitor what they want and need then I should get sales. If I don’t get sales I need to determine where the fault lies. Sometimes, I will simply determine that the fault is not on my end and may never know for sure what is wrong at the merchant end.

What I now have to do is go back and perfect some of the links. Having to replace thousands of links over a couple of days meant doing some rapid switches. I could not take the time to pretty things up much. Going back over thousands of pages I am finding pages with serious issues; pages that have no links or only one product when the page was meant to offer comparisons. Over the past week I have been spending time looking for merchants. I am taking my time and doing a more thorough job than I was able to do last month.

Some of my sites have developed over a couple of years and it is impossible to redo them in a few hours or even days. It will take more time, but it is hard to have patience when bills continue to arrive.

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