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July NY Affiliate Meeting Information

The July 28 NY Affiliate meeting in Albany is just one week away. It should be a good, productive meeting. We have a great mix of people from every aspect of the affiliate industry registered to attend as well as a NY tax attorney. The attorney will be there to clarify the current NY tax issue including the definition of what constitutes a nexus.

Of course we have affiliates, and all seem to different levels and types of experience. We have a couple of Affiliate Managers and Outsourced Program Managers some of whom represent merchants who decided to drop NY affiliates. In addition, Brian Littleton of Share a Sale will be in attendance with a network perspective.

In addition to clarifying the law, we will be addressing several related issues. We are going to try and find a solution or a way to convince merchants to keep NY affiliates in their programs. One of the issues we are faced with is the fact that some merchants are taking a terminate and wait approach. Waiting for the Amazon/Overstock vs NYS case to be resolved in the courts is not a viable option for affiliates. It is very important to note that there are more merchants who have quietly decided to not work with NY affiliates; these merchants do not appear on the known lists of non-NY Affiliate friendly.  This silent movement deeply concerns me. I am attempting to compile a list but it is a painstaking slow process.

We will talk about how to approach merchants in the future and if we should reach out to merchants who have terminated. We will also talk about how to deal with merchants who decide to reinstate NY affiliates. There will likely be some affiliates who decide to never go back to a merchant who terminated us but that should be a business decision of each affiliate.

We will also touch on other subjects and have allowed for open discussion time. We will  discuss the formation of the Affiliate Voice organization, the upcoming Affiliate Summit East and other topics raised by those in attendance.

Finally, we are continuing to try and get a NY Senator or Assembly person to attend.

The meeting should be great and I am looking forward to it. There’s still time to register so visit Register for July 28 NY Affiliate Meeting.

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