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July Meeting Update

Just about four weeks to go until our NY Affiliate Meeting on July 28 in Albany. My co-host Kevin and I have been working hard to get organized. There have been several developments since my initial announcement of the meeting. Thanks to Rhea, another NY affiliate, we have determined the location and will release that to registered attendees as the date draws nearer.  Register for the July 28 NY Affiliate meeting.

We are fortunate to have several sponsors for the meeting. These sponsors come from every area of our industry and include both individual and companies. In addition to not only facilitating the meeting, they show NY affiliates support.

We will have a few guests at the meeting. First, Brian Littleton, CEO of ShareaSale, is not only one of our sponsors, he will be attending the meeting. As the CEO of a large network, his network perspective will be very valuable. His knowledge and creativity will have large impact on our meeting and we are grateful for his participation.

Next we have found a NY tax attorney for our meeting. We will have several questions for him ahead of time and I am sure more will come up during the meeting. If you have questions or suggestions feel free to submit them here or at NY Affiliates forum. We are all looking forward to his participation.

We are also happy that Brent Elias, affiliate manager of CSN Stores, will also be attending to provide the merchant perspective. CSN is one of the many merchants who decided to terminate NY affiliates so we are looking forward to meeting with Brent and working together to find a resolution. Brent has always seemed to value his affiliates and is proactive so we value and welcome his input.

Of course many affiliates will also be attending. Input from affiliates of all sizes are important. We need every one’s perspective and ideas. Be sure to register to attend the NY Affiliate meeting.

Together we can find the solution that will allow NY affiliates to keep their businesses. We will also accomplish much more. We will once again prove that open communication between affiliates, merchants and networks is not only possible it is the key to future of affiliate marketing. We need to value, respect and understand each other’s needs and opinions. We don’t need to share marketing secrets but we do need to communicate and share thoughts and ideas to help steer this industry into a positive direction.

Read more about the July 28 NY Affiliate meeting.

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