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For Now, Repeal has little Appeal

The repeal of what we are all calling the NY affiliate tax was the headline in a few blogs over the past few days. Maybe I’ve been suffering from the NY affiliate Depression syndrome but I was not optimistic that it meant anything.

When it was first posted at the NY affiliate forum the morning of July 16, I held off posting my opinion right away. Some people were happy and I didn’t want to bring any one down so early in the morning.  I did some quick research and saw that the NY Senate voted to repeal it on the 24 of June and passed it over to the Assembly. They in turn referred it to the Ways and Means Committee. Granted I wasn’t sure what that meant in terms of the status of the law but knowing that NY released a memo on June 30 I was not excited about any of it so I finally posted my opinion on the status of the appeal at the NY Affiliate forum. It seemed like a long period of time that many were optimistic, it was less than two hours. A little later when I further learned that no one was endorsing the bill, I felt about the same.

Today I was reading thru some blogs and found a post at Shawn Collin’s Affiliate Marketing Blog with some excellent information from Karen McMahon. Definitely one of those must read posts. Take a few moments to read Status of the NY Affiliate Tax Repeal at Shawn’s blog.

Bottom line, don’t get too excited about the repeal. Since the bill is now in the Ways & Means committee without a sponsor, and they have to approve it before passing it for a vote in the Assembly, not much more is expected to happen until 2009 (if at all), and that’s a long way away.

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