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When Your Visitors Care

While sipping my coffee this morning I read through my emails. One of my sites generates several real emails a week from visitors with questions or comments. This morning, one email in particular has energized me.

Last week, the power company repaired some power lines damaged in a telephone pole fire outside my home. I spent the day without power using my laptop and writing. The plan was that as soon as power was restored I would upload my articles. Well when the power came back on I went to upload to one of my sites and to my dismay the site would not load. A day without power and an online connection is bad enough, and now a site was down.

It’s always a horrible feeling when sites don’t load. I gave it a few minutes and tried again. After a half hour I tried contacting my hosting company. No answer by phone, that’s certainly not good. I submitted a trouble ticket and waited. I finally heard back, they had major problem that they were still looking into. They were working to restore everything.

It’s hard to be patient at times like this but I tried. I sent a follow up asking for an estimate as to when my site would be back online. I received no answer. It was now 48 hours so I made the decision to move to new hosting. It was about another 24 hours before my site was online and accessible again.

It’s always a concern when sites go down. You worry about lost income of course but it’s also the visitors lost. Will those visitors ever come back? What is the long term impact of the downtime? It is probably safe to assume that I may have lost one or two potential customers but most return customers will probably try again. If they’ve bookmarked me I am sure they’ll try to visit again.

The email I received this morning was from one of my visitors. It turns out that she visits my site on a regular basis enjoying the articles and is also a member of my forum. She tried to get to my site last week during the downtime, couldn’t and kept trying. She said she was worried that I was gone and that something had happened. She was very to relieved to see my site back again. She wanted to make sure everything was all right.

I reassured her that my site and I were fine. I let her know that I moved the site to a different and better hosting company and that I would be around a long time.

Knowing I have returning visitors is reassuring. To know that I have loyal visitors that care, is energizing. Knowing I have visitors who care enough to email me shows me I am doing something right.

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