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NY Tax Session at Affiliate Summit

The NY Tax Session at Affiliate Summit is on Sunday at 3:00. This is an important session and I urge you to attend.

Who should attend?

  • Every NY affiliate
  • Every Network
  • Every Merchant who sells to NY residents.
  • Every Affiliate Program manager.
  • Any affiliate who resides in a state that charges any kind of sales tax.

It is very important session for the affiliate industry. You will learn how serious the issue is and that there are far more merchants who have dumped NY affiliates. You will learn that many lives are severely impacted by this over the last two months. Thousands and thousands of affiliates and their families are bearing the brunt of this, but others are also affected. Merchants, affiliate managers and networks are all susceptible to decreased revenues as a result of not partnering with NY affiliates. You will also learn that it is going to steam roll. Other states are watching this issue closely. It will probably  be several years before the Amazon lawsuit is settled, so riding it out til then is not an alternative.

At this session you will also learn that there is a solution for the NY tax situation. As a direct result of our meeting in Albany in July, we retained the services of a New York Tax lawyer to draft the necessary paperwork that will permit merchants to let us into their programs. We are now ready to be reinstated into all programs. We are looking to implement the solution and everyone in the affiliate industry needs to be aware of the current situation.

We will make our findings available to everyone to facilitate our reinstatement to programs.

If you are currently affected by the NY tax issue you need to be there to stand up for yourself, your family and your business.

If you are not directly affected right now, you need to be there to see how you can protect yourself and your business when your state government makes their move to collect the same taxes. The tax issue will steam roll and you need to be prepared. New York is simply the first state to act.

The key to the NY tax issue has been us putting forth an effort to understand the law and then find a solution. New York affiliates have taken an initiative. Now you need to take the next step, so be sure to attend the NY Tax session at the Summit – the survival of your business may depend on it.

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