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Celebrate Express Values All Affiliates

Merchants have decided to address the NY affiliate situation in different ways. After careful evaluation some merchants have decided that the best solution is to start charging NY State sales tax in order to resume working with NY affiliates. One merchant leading the way is Celebrate Express, a leading retailer in the party supply industry. On September 2, Celebrate Express announced that, in collaboration with their new parent company, Buy Seasons, they were going to charge sales tax on all orders shipped within New York State. I certainly applaud their decision and think that it is the right one.

I have met Renee O’Banion, the affiliate manager for Celebrate Express, at various functions including Affiliate Summit and ShareaSale Think Tank. She is an active affiliate manager and is very accessible to her affiliates. I know the decision back in May to remove NY affiliates was not an easy one but I was curious as to why Celebrate Express decided to take steps to resume working with NY affiliates. I also wondered how their decision was received by NY affiliates.

Renee indicated that the process of starting to charge NY State sales tax was pretty easy because they had recently implemented a new tax system. Renee indicated the reason they decided to take action for NY affiliates was “As a company, we felt that it was important to re-establish partnerships with our New York affiliates, as well as move forward with creating new relationships with New York based affiliates.” The reaction from the affiliate community in general is very positive. Renee went on to say “Our New York affiliates that had been removed from our program were very excited that they were able to do business with us again. Most have already added back our links and are driving sales again.”

In my opinion, Celebrate Express made a great move in resuming their partnerships with NY Affiliates. Their decision to start charging tax made it possible. Taking action in order to resume partnering with NY affiliates indicates that they value all their affiliates. As easy as it might have been to implement it still took effort and time. It took commitment. It also demonstrates the value they place on all affiliates, including NY affiliates. They showed NY affiliates respect. By following through on their statements back in May that they would continue to work on the situation they also show that they are a merchant we can trust.

I applaud Celebrate Express for their decision. Renee said “We’re happy to be back on track with New York affiliates!” Renee, NY Affiliates are happy to be back, thank you!

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