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Close Your Eyes To See

Close Your Eyes to See
      Melanie Seery © 2008

I remember when the Towers stood
I sometimes passed
And didn’t see them

Now when I pass where the Towers once stood
I close my eyes
And never fail to see them

Sometimes we fail
To see all that we have
Or fail to forgive or fail to remember

Open your eyes to see what is there
One day it will be gone
There is no going back

When loved ones are gone
They may be gone from our view
But loved ones live on
In our hearts and our minds

Close your eyes
They are there
Open your eyes
There is more

Your heart may get heavy
When filled with the pain
But remember the love and
The times that you shared

Your heart is not broken
Simply filled with a love
With memories and joy
Your heart overflows

Open your eyes
To see what you have
Close your eyes
To see what you had

I remember where the Towers stood
I close my eyes
And there they stand
I close my eyes
And there you are

I remember your voice
Your laughter, the tears
I remember the love
We shared through the years

I open my eyes
To see what I have
I close my eyes
To see all that I had

Always remember
To open your eyes
Before all you can do
Is close them to see

© 2008

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