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NY Affiliate Voice in the News

The struggle of NY small businesses can probably be seen in most towns. NY Affiliates, who are actually small businesses, have been hurt by the economy and of course the NY Affiliate Tax. The impact of the NY Internet Tax is not limited to NY Affiliates. As I learned, the NY Affiliate Internet Tax is actually having an impact on other NY based businesses. A story in today’s Buffalo News concerns itself with consequences of the NY Affiliate Tax; the effect on a business based in upstate NY and the effect on affiliates. NY Affiliate Voice was mentioned in the article concerning the impact of the law on affiliates. It is interesting to see another aspect of the issue. It is also great to see that the NY Affiliate Tax issue is getting press.

The story in today’s Buffalo News is about a bookstore that buys and resells college textbooks. The company’s distributors are located throughout the country. Based on the concern of the distributors that they would have to collect sales tax, they stopped listing the bookstore. This company, which was based in Buffalo, has opted to move out of New York State. The fact that the NY Affiliate Tax resulted in a NY based company moving out of state is mind boggling, especially¬†since textbooks are not taxable here. The confusion and lack of knowledge on this law is destroying businesses.

This past Wednesday, I was interviewed on the impact of the law on NY Affiliates by Stephen T. Watson, reporter for the Buffalo News. It was refreshing to speak to someone from outside the industry who was not only interested in the NY Affiliate Tax issue but was also knowledgeable. NY Affiliate Voice was mentioned in the article, as was Mark Klein the lawyer who attended our meeting and later assisted us with drafting sample documents. You can read this interesting and informative article by visiting New Tax Law Sends Valore Books Packing

Thank Mr. Watson for writing about the NY Affiliate Tax and it’s far reaching impact.

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