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Where NY Affiliates Stand

As we are approaching the six month anniversary of the NY Affiliate Tax, I decided to take some time to evaluate how NY Affiliates are coping. If I were to choose one word to sum it all up, that word would be “Adaptation”. Adaptation is the process of changing or adjusting to conditions in order to be better able to survive. For the most part, most NY Affiliates are adapting. Their style of adaptation varies greatly and true to form, New York Affiliates have shown their resiliency.

Some stories have happy endings, others do not. While it would be nice to share only the good stories, there is much to be learned from all. I will be sharing these stories over a series of posts.

One thing I hope everyone has learned is that there is a real need for us all to work towards the common goal of improving the industry. In this regard, several points need to be addressed. We need to work on a better affiliate-merchant agreement offering more protection for both parties. One proof of that need is that a few merchants decided to retroactively terminate NY Affiliates and reverse commissions in order to avoid having a nexus. It still amazes me that this is possible.

Affiliates and merchants also need to find a way to voice their opinions and help institute and define ethical standards. We all need to work on improving our communication with each other and with industry leaders. We need to help define to the general public what we do. We need to teach legislators what we do so that they can pass better legislation. Of course, several other issues also need to be addressed. I am sure you can think of at least a few topics you would like the industry to address. It is easy to see that the list will only grow as technology, laws and the industry grows. The industry as a whole needs to take the time to catch up with itself.

This is not the responsibility of one, or even a few. It needs to be many, if not all of us. Not just industry leaders either. It will take all types and size affiliates, merchants, networks, and others involved in our industry. Do it as individuals, as a group or both. Just do it. Voice your opinions, your thoughts, your questions, voice the good and the bad.

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  • Kevin November 6, 2008, 11:31 am

    Adaptation, indeed. Especially if you mean complete reinvention, as in my case :)

    Keep up the good fight, Mel.

  • Melanie November 7, 2008, 9:00 pm

    As is frequently true, adaptation=survival . Who would have ever predicted any of this a year or so ago?

    Congratulations on your successful reinvention, Kevin. Wishing you continued success :)

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