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For the New Year – Resolutions vs Goals

As New Year’s Eve approaches many people begin to consider resolutions for the New Year. When it comes to your business and career however, do not forget to also set goals. There is a difference between resolutions and goals and each has a place in your business plan.

A resolution is a statement of adaptation or a vow to change. A goal is the desired end result of a resolution. For example, a resolution for an affiliate marketer might be to master data feed management. A goal would be to incorporate data feeds into website by April or increase monthly sales by fifteen percent.

Think of goals and resolutions as related aspects but recognize they are still independent. It is quite possible to reach one but not the other. In my example above, there are several likely scenarios. An affiliate may never be able to master data feed but still have a fifteen percent increase in sales. By the same token, they may master data feeds, incorporate it into a website yet not see the increase in sales they expected or aspired to attain.

As you create your goals for the upcoming year, remember to set both short term goals and long term goals. Be realistic in your goals, unattainable goals will not do much good. Do not be afraid to reevaluate goals and adjust them as necessary. Resolutions should also be realistic. Set distinct resolutions.

You may wonder which you should do first, formulate resolutions or determine goals. I do both. I sit and decide what I want to accomplish and I create a list. That list is a mix of goals and resolutions. Creating a list is important because it helps to clarify my plan for the upcoming year. Once I have my list I decide if each item is a resolution or a goal and set a timeline for them. I believe that every goal should have a resolution because the resolution is how I will attain my goal.

Several times throughout the year I will examine my progress in reaching goals and resolutions. Sometimes I will reach them and other times I will need to adjust my timeline. I try not to get discouraged when a goal is not reached or I cannot keep a resolution. As long as I have done my best and can adjust I am happy. 

Happy New Year to everyone, I wish you all the best in 2009.

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