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Update on One Cause

The One Cause toolbar is still a hot and active issue. As several videos have shown, cookies continue to be overwritten. Affiliates and merchants are losing money every day. Many affiliates have been contacting various merchants seeking answers on this issue. Some merchants have responded and are addressing concerns, some have taken action by removing the toolbar affiliate. Others have yet to act.

According to a post on their blog on November 19, LinkShare says there was/is a glitch in  the toolbar programming that caused the unethical activity of overwriting affiliate cookies and gave credit to One Cause where it was/is not due. Supposedly, they say the updated version of the toolbar works according to Code of Conduct. Unfortunately, several videos are showing that affiliates and merchants are still losing money. Either the programming hasn’t been completed or the remote update of previously existing toolbars didn’t work.

One Cause is not the only toolbar or plug-in that we have to be concerned about.  Scott Jangro is doing a series of posts on how loyalty browsers work so be sure to check out his blog. He has several posts on the whole issue including Affiliate Networks Allow Plugins to OverWrite Links

I urge everyone to keep reading up on this issue, it affects both affiliates and merchants. Education is important. Toolbars that do not conform to Code of Conduct affect everyone, at every network. It is not just limited to this instance. The original thread at ABW is located at One Cause/Linkshare. It is must reading for everyone in the affiliate industry.

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