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Do You Twitter?

In response to queries received, yes, I “Twitter”.

Twitter is an interesting service used for both personal and business issues. If you’re not familiar it is a mini social networking tool. You form a circle of friends and business associates and text little updates -140 character max. Nice and short, although sometimes too short.

All sorts of conversations happen, serious and fun so if you’re not signed up give it a try. You can twitter by phone or computer.

If you’re on Twitter and so desire, go ahead and follow me, http://twitter.com/mellies. If you send me a twitter message I will follow you. I cannot promise my twitters are all that exciting, but it is another way to keep in touch. I have in fact, been told I am sometimes cryptic in my twitters. I do confess that I do post an occasional post that has deeper meanings and yes, it is intentional. Always good to exercise the grey matter.

See you on Twitter!

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