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Is The Merchant NY Affiliate Friendly

This post is another installment in my series on ‘Finding and Evaluating Merchants to Promote’. If you are not a NY Affiliate, you can of course, skip this step. With the likelihood of other states enacting similar tax legislation, it might be a good idea for all affiliates to familiarize themselves with this information so they can be prepared. For NY Affiliates a crucial first step is to determine if the merchant is NY Affiliate Friendly.

Once you have identified that a merchant carries the desired products, there are several steps to identify if the merchant is NY Affiliate Friendly. A NY Affiliate Friendly merchant is one who accepts NY affiliates. Ideally, these have also taken the necessary steps to ensure NY Affiliates will continue to be safe.

Some merchants welcome NY Affiliates and others do not. Some merchants pick and choose which NY affiliates they will allow in. There is no one way to quickly determine if a merchant accepts NY Affiliates. One of the first things affiliate should do is read through the merchant’s terms. Of course, every affiliate should always read through the merchant terms anyway but many affiliates skip this step.

Reading the terms may or may not help you determine if they are affiliate friendly. Some merchants proudly indicate their acceptance of NY Affiliates in their affiliate terms and others will state that they are not allowed. Some merchants realize that proclaiming they do not accept NY Affiliates does not help their reputation and will omit this information from their terms.

Many merchants will assume that you know they accept NY Affiliates and therefore do not mention it in their terms. If it is not mentioned in the terms keep the merchant on your possible list and move on to their website. If you have already evaluated the merchant site and it meets your criteria go ahead and apply. In the meantime, you can also visit their site to determine if they are NY Affiliate Friendly.

As you visit and evaluate the merchant site there are a few things to look for if you want to determine if they are NY Affiliate Friendly. Reasons for accepting NY Affiliates are most often:

  • merchant collects NY sales tax
  • instituted 2 step solution
  • tax exempt products
  • lead program
  • sales are well under threshold (but merchant is monitoring sales)
  • B to B (business to business)
  • other

You can see it can be complicated process. Many NY Affiliates opt to just apply to the merchant and wait to see if approved or denied. Others prefer to do the research before applying. Either method will work, do what you are comfortable doing. I prefer to have full knowledge because I want to minimize the risk that somewhere down the line a merchant will decide to terminate our relationship due to geography.

I am keeping a list of NY Affiliate Friendly merchants. Currently, these are merchants who have reached out to NY Affiliates and asked to be listed or their names were given to me from other NY Affiliates. Please note, the list is by no means a complete list, is not a list of merchants I promote and are not necessarily merchants I endorse.

In one of my next posts I will write about “Evaluating the Merchant Site”, much more exciting than taxes. :)

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