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ShareASale and Toolbars Roundtable

This week Brian Littleton, CEO and founder of ShareASale announced that he will be holding a round table discussion at 3pm central Tuesday, February 3, regarding the acceptance of toolbar affiliates into the ShareASale network. In the past, ShareAsale has not allowed affiliates who utilize toolbars or reminder software to participate in their network. That stance has apparently been softened.

The purpose of the the conference call on Tuesday is to explain what toolbars will be allowed and the conditions. It is also to allow for discussion. There is a long thread at AbestWeb, SAS and Toolbars, and reading through it will give you a good idea of the many concerns expressed by affiliates, merchants and program managers.

I have to admit, I am very concerned about this development; I am also a bit shocked. For me, one of the appeals of ShareASale has been its ethics and its stance against parasites and toolbars. Brian and ShareASale have always been fair and ethical and I am looking forward to the round table for clarification of the new stance on toolbars. Once I have all the information I can make a more definitive opinion. I will hold my final decision until then. My biggest concern is the monitoring and enforcement of the standards, it is a very difficult task.

I appreciate that Brian has kept communication open, he has been answering many tough questions the past few days. In recent months, others have not done this; they chose a different path – a path of silence. For now, though nervous, I am keeping an open mind.

If you would like to participate in the round table conference call  visit Brian’s post at the ShareASale blog at ShareASale and Toolbars. You need to request to participate and the RSVP information is there.

As technology and the industry advance, we must address new issues. Be sure that your voice is heard. If you are an affiliate, merchant or program manager RSVP to participate in the conference call. Hope to see you there.

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