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Sponsors Needed

When I began this website back in June, my intention was to just have a place to speak out on whatever thoughts I had regarding life as an affiliate from New York. Though the NY Affiliate Tax was the match that lit the fire, the source of the energy that continues to fuel the fire is the numerous issues affecting our industry.

I began NY Affiliate Voice as a personal blog but somewhere along the way it became more of a resource. When it became a resource, ethics and professionalism dictated that I remove affiliate links and even the Adsense ads. No income is derived from this blog. Trying to balance the work of NY Affiliate Voice and my own affiliate business has been difficult. It is also a challenge to continue working as an affiliate. I find myself torn between continuing as an affiliate and continuing to work on the issues affecting our industry. Currently, I spend a minimum of two to three hours every day, 7 days a week, working on the issues, this includes answering emails from merchants and affiliates on the NY tax issue.

As such, NY Affiliate Voice is requesting sponsors so that work on the NY issue and other affiliate issues can continue. Without support, the work cannot continue as it does now. Sponsorships are available by purchasing a Merchant Spotlight ad or becoming a listed Standard or Premier Sponsor. The decision to accept sponsorships has not been easy but it has become a necessity; work on the NY Affiliate tax and other affiliate issues needs to continue but if I continue it does so at the cost of my own business. Without sponsorships of  NYAffiliateVoice I will have to make some very difficult decisions. At the very least I will be forced to reduce the time spent on the NY issue to two hours a week and I doubt that will be enough.

Please contact me with any questions.

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