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Very Urgent – Hawaii Affiliates

Hawaii will be holding a public hearing on  their version of the affiliate internet tax tomorrow, Monday March 23 at 1:15PM in conference room 016 .  The Hawaii bill number is HB1405 and it has already passed Senate and passed the House committee.  It is now up to the public hearing and then the House vote.  Hawaii Bill HB1405 appears closely modeled after the NY bill; same threshold and same guidelines of what constitutes solicitation. Please note, instead of a sales tax, Hawaii actually has what  is called an excise tax, a tax applied to most  business transactions.  

Reading through the testimony that has been presented to date is fascinating. Included in the testimony is a letter from Amazon that states that if the law passes they will terminate affiliates from Hawaii. See page 6 Testimony on HB1405

Link to Hawaii HB1405

Not sure how many affiliates are in Hawaii but I urge you  to attend the public hearing if at all possible.

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