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Updates On Some Legislation

A brief post just to update on some of the pending legislation. This could be a very eventful week. It has started off on a good note with the defeat of the legislation in Maryland! Other states will see action over the next couple of weeks.
The update on the legislation in Tennessee is that the dual bills will be heard in committee today. I am keeping an eye on it and will update as soon as I hear something. Connecticutt has a bill in the Senate that is ready for vote. Voting is done in order of when received so that vote will be any day now. Minnesota is holding their committee meeting tomorrow, April 16 according to their latest schedule. Hawaii has incorporated an ammended version into the Streamlined Sales Tax Project and I am still looking into exactly what that will mean. The latest available version of the SSTP bill in Hawaii does not seem to mention affiliates but the document is very long. North Carolina has bills in committees and as reported previously California has a hearing April 27 on AB178.
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