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Yearly Proof of Compliance

As May 31 is approaching,  many New York affiliates will begin to receive requests to sign the annual “proof of compliance” certificates I wanted to pass along some information I received.  According to our lawyer’s office, the New York State Tax Department is requesting that a line be added to the annual certifications. The line to be added is –
“This certification and all information herein is subject to verification and audit by the New York State Tax Department.”  While it should be evident that this is the case, NYS requests it be made perfectly clear.

I have updated the documents on line to reflect this request.  Please see the revised version of the Letter to Merchants  explaining the law and the ability to rebut. I have also updated the Sample Documents on How to Rebut the Nexus in NY.  Remember these documents are a guide, please consult your own sales tax attorney.

To read more about how to implement the documents and Three Step Solution please see the following posts:

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  • william wright May 29, 2009, 8:49 pm

    I will comply with all statues and laws with in the state of New york

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