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Yes, Minnesota Still Pending, Hawaii at Governor

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the Minnesota Omnibus Tax Bill, HF2323, is still pending. Minnesota Affiliates are not in the clear even though it has been reported otherwise. I think there was a little confusion because there was an attempt to pass a different shorter tax bill but the Governor promptly vetoed it. The Conference Committee is still meeting on the Omnibus tax bill. The current version of the Omnibus Tax bill still includes modernizing the definition of an out of state retailer to include merchants who have relationship with affiliates, representatives, independent contractors and solicitors  who reside in Minnesota (article 10 section 27). I have written several posts on the pending legislation in Minnesota, see any earlier post (including Minnesota Omnibus Bill Back On) for more information.

In Hawaii, both the House and the Senate passed HB1405 which modernizes the nexus definition and the bill was sent to the Governor on the 11. It now awaits her signature. In related subject they also passed the revisions to the Streamlined Sales Tax Project; bill SB1678 was also sent to the Governor.

Tennessee  versions of the Internet tax, HB1947 and SB1741, are still in committee. After watching video from the sessions I learned that they are awaiting reports from Attorney General and others.

North Carolina still has their bills in committees in both House and Senate. Their website is not as complete as other states and information is scarce.

No further action in California on AB178 but there is related news will save for another post. Connecticut also seems to be in a holding pattern, the bill there sits on the floor of the calendar.

As we sit and watch these pending bills and learn of other states taking action, I realize that we are approaching the one year anniversary of the Internet tax law in New York.

It has been a long year hasn’t it?

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  • Warbson May 17, 2009, 6:18 am

    Thank you thank you thank you for the update! So frustrating to see some others running around saying aff tax is dead in MN when its very much alive.

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