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The Action In California

The battle against California Internet Tax continues. Like other states, California legislators dropped a separate bill for an Internet tax, AB178, and instead opted to attach an amendment to the budget. If you live in California you can take part in the effort to stop the Internet tax.

Karen Garcia, of GTO Management is leading the efforts in California. On Monday, June 22, Karen and others are meeting to lobby against the bill. Meeting face to face with legislators increases the lobbying impact. If you live in California please make an effort to join them. They will be meeting at 10 am in the 6th floor cafeteria of the State Capitol. Please email Karen if you plan to attend. Additional details and her contact information is available at her GTO Management blog post, CA Nexus added to Budget.

If you are unable to join them also included in the post is contact information for California legislators. I strongly urge you to contact your representatives to express your opinion on the Internet sales tax. The more voices that are hard the better it is.

Good luck to California Affiliates!

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