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Hawaii Senate Overrides SSTP Veto

Today in Hawaii is the first day of the Special Session in Hawaii legislature. It is the day that the Senate and Representatives are meeting to vote on whether to override the Governors vetoes. By a vote of 23 to 2, the Senate voted to override the Governor’s veto of SB 1678. SB 1678  contains the amendments to bring Hawaii into conformity with the streamlined sales tax agreement (SSTA).

SB1678 is a long complicated document, I think it’s 158 pages long. We will need to carefully examine it to determine the effect, if any, on Internet sales now. Remember, one of the aspects of SSTA is sales tax on Internet purchases.

For now, keeping eye on HB 1405 and Representatives’ actions. Wondering, will Representatives override too?

With the action of the Senate to override the Governor’s veto, it is logical to guess that even if the real Internet sales tax law is not in effect this year it will be introduced next year. We can be sure that they won’t make the same “mistake” they did in this year’s version.

Endless isn’t it?

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  • Carol Fukunaga July 16, 2009, 11:05 pm

    Dear NYAffiliate voice,

    I have some corrections for your commentary: Governor Lingle’s veto of SB 1678 stands, because the State House of Representatives did not join in the override effort.

    However, neither chamber sought to override Governor Lingle’s veto of HB 1405. As such, the so-called Amazon ‘nexus’ bill will not take effect. I hope that Amazon.com, and other online retailers restore the Hawaii affiliates’ accounts as soon as possible, now that the last possible action on HB 1405 has been recorded.

    Carol Fukunaga
    Chair, Senate Economic Development and Technology Committtee
    Hawaii State Senate

  • Melanie July 17, 2009, 7:31 am

    Thank you for confirming that the veto stands. That is welcomed news!

    I also hope that merchants will act swiftly to reinstate the affiliates in Hawaii, it has been a long couple weeks for some.

    I just have to add, the websites for Hawaii Legislature and Governor are perhaps the best I have seen. Very easy to find information and stay informed, and the information is very current. I wish more states would follow your example.

    Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to provide me with updated information.

    Melanie Seery

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