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North Carolina Budget Deal Imminent

The early word out of North Carolina indicates that the Internet sales tax, or click through tax as they are calling it, will be in the budget. As the Senate and Representatives continue to work through their differences, it was clear that the “advertising tax” was not a difference but was actually consistent in both their proposals. Each side has apparently made concessions to the other in order to raise revenue and reduce expenses but neither wanted to give up the Internet sales tax provision.

While not a done deal until the official vote and then the signing by the governor, it is my hope that everyone is making educated decisions and taking action. Affiliates should most certainly be planning and adjusting their business models. Reach out to all your merchants to see what their plans are in the event that the budget that includes the Internet sales tax is approved.

A budget deal may or may not be imminent, there are unforeseen delays all the time, but what should be definite is that you have a plan and are moving forward.

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