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Survey on Impact of the NY Advertising Tax

The impact of the NY advertising tax or the NY Internet sales tax has been devastating for many NY affiliates. I’ve chronicled several of  our stories in the series “Story of NY Affiliates”.  I interviewed and wrote until it became too overwhelming for me. Affiliates lost their entire business, suffered severe financial and emotional stress.

As other states are working on similar legislation we often hear the official numbers of sales tax collected. Last year from June 1 2008 through early December NY claims to have collected around $46 million in additional sales tax revenue from newly registered out of state merchants. This year it is estimated that the figure will surpass $62 million. While other states who are contemplating similar legislation hear these figures, they do not hear the other side – the income tax revenue lost.

Affiliate Summit is conducting an important survey to determine the impact the advertising tax has had on income.  I urge every NY affiliate who was in business last year to take the survey. Impact of NY Advertising Tax / Impact of NY Internet Sales Tax

The results of the survey will be used to help educate legislators on the impact of the new nexus laws. As we continue to work on this critical issue it is important to have a more concrete analysis of the impact. 

Since last year, Affiliate Summit has shown NY affiliates their support. This was clearly demonstrated in many ways. This support included adding the NY Tax Issues and Solutions session at Affiliate Summit East last year even though the deadline had passed and  made sure that NY affiliates were well represented.  Over the past year, many of their podcasts discussed the Internet sales tax issue, they invited me to be a guest to help inform others, they blogged about it and helped disseminate information as we uncovered it. Throughout the year they have shown us support; it is now time to give back. NY affiliates need to complete the survey. Results will help us as we continue to fight for repeal and reinstatement to hundreds of programs. Every NY Affiliate Voice matters!

Please, New York Affiliates,  help Affiliate Summit help us.

Complete the survey –  Affiliate Summit – Impact of  NY Advertising Tax Survey

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