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Changing a Name

Earlier today I announced a name change for Affiliate Voice LLC.  Although the name has changed my work remains the same.

For almost two years I have advocated on behalf of the industry, first as NY Affiliate Voice then more formally as Affiliate Voice LLC. I have made the decision to change the name  to Affiliate Advocacy. The new domain will be http://affiliateadvocacy.com.  All sponsorships and memberships moved.

My focus remains as it has always been; working to improve our industry and advocating for affiliate industry.

In addition to the name change, the Board of Directors has been dissolved.  I will continue to rely on others for input and advice, but for now I believe we should focus on building the foundation before running ahead of ourselves. Everyone can continue to email me direct, as they have been, with questions and concerns. 

All of my activities and advocacy work will continue. These activities include the webinars and education calls, monitoring Internet tax issues, and the work on our other projects including the Terms of Service Template. As always, should you wish to help on our projects just contact me.

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