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No More Crayons

Imagine my surprise yesterday, when a fellow New York Affiliate shared the news that he had been dumped by several merchants due to the NY Internet sales tax law. These merchants included the Crayola Store. What I found interesting about Herb’s post about the terminations is that I am in Crayola’s  program and this was the first I was hearing about it. Guess I should say I was in their program. I checked my email box and didn’t find an email. Thinking Herb must be wrong, I logged into CJ.

There, in my internal mail box is the notice from Crayola indicating that due to the “recent law” they are terminating all affiliates in New York, North Carolina and Rhode Island. Now to give credit to Crayola, they did give notice and warning about the termination ( just wish it had been emailed to my regular email). Lesson learned, check internal email more frequently.

Not sure why they feel it necessary to remove NY  Affiliates almost two years after the law took effect and RI/NC Affiliates almost a year after the law was passed.  Probably just a matter of time before they terminate Colorado Affiliates. But, as we all know, there are plenty of merchants who carry crayons and other art supplies.

In fact, if you are a merchant who sells crayons and art supplies for children and who welcomes NY, NC, RI and Co Affiliates, and want to get the word out, get in touch with me through Twitter. I will list you here right in the body of this post. You must welcome and accept Affiliates from ALL four states ( I will need to verify).

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  • John#14157 August 31, 2012, 2:09 pm

    Very interesting. Tax laws do change the game.

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