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NYAffiliateVoice does not claim to be the voice of all NY affiliates. This site is only my opinions, and the opinions of others who may post. None of us speaks for all affiliates. No one affiliate can speak for all others but we can speak for ourselves. This blog is not designed to be the ONE voice but merely a voice.

Affiliate marketing, like most businesses, is evolving. Recent events have really shown us that we need to have a voice. We need to have a voice to help control the direction the industry takes. We need to be heard and sometimes, we will need to work together. We need to further improve communication and understanding of what it means to be an average affiliate. For me, an average affiliate is an individual who is making money, one who does not have a staff but is more or less a one person show. Average affiliates may be more affected by certain things simply because of their size; they just lack the staff.

We are making money, we are driving sales and traffic to merchants. Merchants, OPM’s, AM’s and networks are also making money as a direct result of our work. As such, we deserve to be heard and to be respected.

The one single event that sparked me to create this blog was the NY internet tax prompting some merchants to drop affiliates from NY. It was not the mere termination that bothered many New Yorkers, it was the way it was handled. All business have a right to make their own business decisions. Although I am sure the merchants did not lightly decide to terminate thousands of affiliates, we did deserve more notice than some gave. We deserved respect and sufficient notice. I believe that if we had been more proactive the situation would have been handled differently. I understand that there was a lot going on behind the scenes as Affiliate Managers and OPM’s rallied for our cause, but we still deserved to know ealier that our business relationship was at stake. We never asked for definitive answers, but we did ask, and hope, to at least have an idea of what might happen. The next point may not be popular. I believe that we, as affiliates, also made mistakes in our approach and reaction to this issue but I’ll save that for a post.

Feel free to voice your comments too. If you need to reach me by email, please use affmeeting at nyaffiliatevoice dot com

It is time to have a voice, not one voice but many voices.

Melanie Seery