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Website and Program Review Services for Merchants

NYAffiliateVoice is now offering consulting services to merchants and program managers. In an effort to improve the relationship between merchant and affiliates, I now offer to review your website and program and offer suggestions for improvement. I also seek to improve the customer experience.

Whether your program is new or established I will offer an objective and confidential review of your website and program. If you have been following this blog you should be very aware that I am fair, balanced and ethical. I will maintain the same work standards and ethics as I have while working on the NY Affiliate Tax issue.

All correspondence will be held in strictest confidence. Findings will not be shared with any other party and my client list is confidential. As you may have noticed, I will not mince words and will not be influenced by anything outside of the actual website or program under review. You will receive an objective and honest review.

Our consulting fee is $75 for the first hour. During that hour we will review your site and your program. We will provide you with a summary of our findings as well as a bulleted list of both the good points and the areas that could use improvement. If a significant amount of additional time is needed to thoroughly review your site and program we will advise you and give you the option of securing additional research time or receiving the findings to that point. If you require additional time you will be advised of the rate ahead of time. The minimum order is one billing hour. There are no refunds once the work has begun.

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Once you have been provided with a report, if desired you may call or email for clarification of any point, phone call cannot exceed 15 minutes. You also have the option of retaining my services for additional follow up review. The rate is $75 per hour payable in advance.NYAffiliateVoice is providing this service at an affordable rate in order to benefit the affiliate industry and to help support our ongoing work on several issues affecting the industry.Improving the industry, one relationship at a time.